Steps taken for analysis: First, I imported the same data via .csv, filtered out only the 1990+ data and added a returns and lagged returns column into the dataframe. After importing and cleaning the data, I split the data into a training and test split. I used the 1990-2017 data as the training set and the 2018-2019 data as the test set. A time series plot is a graph that displays data collected in a time sequence from any process. The chart can be used to determine how the data is trending over time and if the data points are random or exhibit any pattern. For example, you may want to determine whether the number of calls received in a call center is consistent month over. A Time Series Data is simply a sequence of data in chronological order (i.e following the order of occurrence) which is used by businesses to analyze past data and make better decisions.This project aims to create a basic understanding of how to deal with and visualize time series data.. I have used Stock Data, hence also tried to come to a buy or sell decision implementing one of the Trend.

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