Welcome. Ye Olde Saracen’s Head is a carefully crafted pub situated just outside the picturesque village of Balsall Common; steeped in real community spirit and English charm. We’re proud to serve up delicious food straight from the kitchen and crafted drinks poured at the bar every day of the week. We look forward to seeing you soon. Company THE NEW SARACENS HEAD INN LTD is a Private Limited Company, registration number 14178722, established in United Kingdom on the 17. June 2022. The company is now active. The company has been in business for 1 month. The company is based on THE SARACENS HEAD , WHIELDEN STREET, AMERSHAM, BUCKS, ENGLAND, HP7 0HU. Saracens Head Inn . 1 Brook. Today, the word " Saracen " is mainly associated with the Crusades, a series of bloody European invasions into the Middle East that took place between 1095 and 1291 CE. The European Christian knights who went crusading used the term Saracen to denote their foes in the Holy Land (as well as Muslim civilians who happened to get in their way).

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