Price/Value Sig P365xl vs Hellcat. Both of these guns are in a similar price range but the Springfield Hellcat comes in just a tad cheaper. MSRP on the Sig P365 XL is $679 with a MAP/street price of $579 and the MSRP on the Hellcat OSP is $599. The regular Hellcat is $569. You can normally pick up the Hellcat for $490-$530 depending on the variant. The Springfield Armory Hellcat just might be an answer to my concealed carry gun prayers! the innovations Springfield has brought to this gun are not only. ... As you can see in the photo, it is smaller than my Glock 43 ! ... I shoot several full size pistols but my EDC handguns are a G23 and a Sig P320, both chambered in 357 Sig and both. Both Of these guns are my wife’s. She did not shoot a Springfield Hellcat yet but it’s hers. I’m just comparing them I’m not even sure if she knows I’m shoot.... The Glock 43 is a good in-between, but if you can deal with the potential comfort downsides on the 2.0, then that is going to be the better texture by far. Slide. The serrations on the Smith and Wesson Shield are better than the serrations on the Glock 43 . They're just more aggressive and it makes the gun a little bit easier to rack.

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