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You create new RestTemplate in your service class. private RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate (); Then you create mock in tests and call your service method: RestTemplate restTemplate = Mock { postForEntity (_, _, SomeResponse.class) >> new ResponseEntity (new SomeResponse (), HttpStatus.OK) } .... someService.doSomePostRequest. Spock 和 Spring Boot 集成测试 2017-06-28; 使用 spring-test-mvc 框架进行 Spring REST 控制器测试 2012-02-06; 使用 JPA 的 Spring Boot 测试 REST 控制器 2018-06-23; Spock Framework. json and nl png package From this function we get back our JSON data which we’ll process on success You can decode user profile information such as the display name or the email address from the ID token or the access token.

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