By manipulating energy on the quantum level, they gain control over the fundamental forces of the universe. Manipulation of entropy and zero-point energy could yield an infinite power source. The user could possibly even manipulate the energy that controls superpowers, allowing for them to manipulate them. Sometimes Ki Manipulation is a part of some Martial Arts and Crafts, making it either Rule of Funny or Rule of Cool . Having a large amount of Ki will usually produce a Battle Aura . Pure Energy: The basic ki attack, just channeling energy. Energy Ball: A spherical form of energy. Faux Flame: Using that same ki to create artificial, ghostly flames. Natural Gas Market Manipulation. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered four BP subsidiaries to show cause why they should not be fined $28 million and forced to disgorge $800,000 in profits for allegedly trying to manipulate the Houston Ship Channel natural gas market from mid-September 2008 through November 30, 2008.FERC alleged three BP traders tried to increase the value.

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