Rigging Selection: When fishing the Hogy Flounder for Lingcod , a Hogy 1-2oz Barbarian 10/0 3x jig hook is perfect for this bait. This rigging will provide the bait to have great movement in the water and the large hook will make for a quick and solid hookup ratio. This is a great rig to use while jigging the Hogy flounder in the rocks near. Lures) My favorite is an Ahi assult in glow (fish have been hot for the past 3 years with a teaser fly, jig etc. 2 to 3 feet above. When jigging it looks like a fish chasing a bait fish. Yeah, you don't feed in a Lings territory they'll hit it even if they're not hungry. Almost any lure/jig will get lings up there. 4 8 12 16oz Slow pitch Jig Glow In Dark Jigging Spj Sk Flat Pink Blue Katy P g. $11.95. + $8.10 shipping. + $8.10 shipping + $8.10 shipping. 150g slow pitch jig Spj GLOW Squid Lingcod Rockfish Tuna Bluefin Snapper Hologlo. $12.95.

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