The time it takes you to recover from a lateral meniscus tear depends on the type of tear, the severity of the tear, and the treatment methods needed to repair the damaged tissue. Using non-operative treatments, recovery can take six to eight weeks. If you require surgery, recovery can take up to three months for a repair and roughly three to. Lateral Meniscus Tears. Lateral meniscus tears are the most common type of meniscus tears seen at ACL reconstruction. Most are asymptomatic and can be left in situ, ... “Treatment for a meniscus tear should make the patient better than leaving the tear alone,” says Dr. Shelbourne. By far, the most common location for a tear is in the back and on the inner or medial side of the knee — that is the area we call the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. The image below shows your knee region where you may feel pain from a posterior horn tear. Most common area for the pain to occur. The posterior horn is also the most. Individuals with ACL disruption should be screened for concomitant lateral meniscus injury, as the two structures have been shown to have interdigitation and synergistical contributions to joint stability [4 ... Ozeki N, Seil R, Krych AJ, Koga H. Surgical treatment of complex meniscus tear and disease: state of the art. J isakos. 2021;6(1):35.

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