There are a million and one tutorials online for how to install subway tile . Literally. Pretty sure that every blogger who has ever existed has posted a tutorial on subway tile . This is not. I finally received my tile order - moving on to planning the shower - what would you pros suggest as far as keeping a brick pattern 3x6 subway tile in line. Should I make some sort of jig to check each row? Should I draw guide lines on the kerdi (seems. Before we get jump into the wonderful world of subway tile, here’s a few things worth noting. Thing 1: Fun fact- the “real” term for subway tile is field tile, aptly named as it creates a field of color on your wall. Thing 2: The classic size is 3x6 inches, and the original version in NYC subways was reportedly white glass (not ceramic. 1. Carefully remove the existing back splash. I started by taking an exacto knife and scoring all the caulk around the edges of the back splash. Then with the help of a crowbar (or two), I gently pried off the back splash. Be careful not to break the drywall when prying it off.

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