CCGUIDE Chris Craft: The Essential Guide $54.95 Chris Craft: The Essential Guide Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Manual Covers A, B, K, KL, KBL, KFL, KLC, M, ML, MBL, MCL, W and WB. Contains information needed for rebuilding and adjust-ment. MAN Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Manual $6 SPECS Chris Craft 4 & 6 Cylinder Specifications $3. Chris-Craft K series exhaust valve 47028 .310 stem 1.417 head 4.340 length Hercules QXD and QXLD(OUT) Chris-Craft K series intake valve 46120 a . 310 stem 1.485 head 4.300 length Hercules QXA, QXB, QXC, QXD and QXLD . Chris-Craft M series intake valve 43018 .372 stem 1.835 head 5.165 length Hercules JXD and JXLD. BoatCrazy is a premier boat listing site with boats for sale by owner and dealers! Boat dealers nationwide contribute real-time inventory for sale in your region. You will find a wide selection of brands and price ranges. Whether you are looking for a center console fishing boat, a yacht to cruise around in or a personal watercraft, we have. Click on the props for Chris Craft Props. Specifications for the years 1927 to 1965 ***** Click on the engine head for Hercules head. gasket torque sequences and specifications ***** Click on the engines for Chris Craft Hercules. A, B, K, M, and W engine specifications ***** Click on the Glass Globe for Stern Pole.

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