Sims 4 Huge CC clutter & furniture folder | over 2000 items 23,344 views May 15, 2021 374 Dislike Share Save thevirtualsulan 3.32K subscribers Subscribe Hey besties ! Make sure to subscribe &. It is in the correct folder, and when I start the game, I can even see the furniture cc in the game made mods list. When I'm in build mode and search things up, I can still see the names of the mods! But when I click in it, it only goes to the category that it's in and no objects shows up. I've already tried to repair my game, but nothing's. Sims 4 Furniture Cc Folder Install Instructions Are. Modern Kidsroom Furniture Set contains total 17 objects-14 new meshes created by me and 3 EA meshes modified and recolored by me.The. This Sims 4 cc hair is for kids. With the help of this mod, you can give your kids in Sims some tremendous long hair. Because this mod For kids, the hair colours are very colourful and bright. You can get this model in a hairstyles pack of three different hair colours. They also come in two custom hairstyle colours and 18 swatches.

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