The French Revolution and the organization of justice Declaration of the Rights of man and the Citizen. 1791. The representatives of the French people, organized in a National Assembly, considering that ignorance, forgetfulness or contempt of the rights of man are the sole causes of public miseries and the corruption of governments, have resolved to set forth in a solemn declaration the. the sacred compact of the Union, has filled their minds with the most gloomy appre-hensions for the fate of the Institution of Slavery and the Constitutional rights and privileges. They therefore hope that Your Excellency will consider the alarming exigency of the times, and convene the Legislature forthwith, to the end, that such meas-. CHAPTER V ABOUT THE KINDS OF WOMEN RESORTED TO BY THE CITIZENS, AND OF FRIENDS AND MESSENGERS. WHEN Kama is practised by men of the four castes according to the rules of the Holy Writ (i.e. by lawful marriage) with virgins of their own caste, it then becomes a means of acquiring lawful progeny and good fame, and it is not also opposed to the customs of the world. The 26th amendment lowered the voting age to 18. The citizen activism our Constitution allows has advanced the ultimate promise of our nation - equal representation for all. The ratification of the ERA in Virginia is just the most recent example of the role citizens play in ensuring our civil rights.

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