S-1234-11FLA 1 Bedroom1 Baths 399 Square Feet This Affordable Tiny Home model, designed and built by Legacy Housing Corporation, has 1 bedroom with 1 bath. With over 399 square feet of interior space, this high-quality Tiny Guesthouse is built to please, with abundant countertop and cabinet space, residential home construction features, and dozens of amenities. Bmw F16 F86 X6 X6M Harman Kardon Speakers Wiring Amplifier Subs ASD Covers Set. Seller dispatches within 1 day after receiving cleared payment. *From £61. Front Harman Kardon tweeter covers in very good condition! Price for 1 pair - 2 covers left and right Item also might have some tiny time related marks - please see photos!.

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